Fat Loss Workout Plan: For Faster Results

Do you feel like that you have tried out a whole bunch of training methods to lose fat? But nothing’s working. Don’t worry I’m hhere to help you out with the best ever fat loss workout plan

Howdy, fitness lovers! It’s Biswajit here from howto-fitness.com . Today We’ll cover the topic “fat loss workout plan”. Through this article I’ll let you know about some extraordinary ‘types of workout’ rather then naming some random exercises. So Here’s the 2 types of exercise you gotta include in your fat loss workout plan. And you’ll start burning fat in no time

1) Do Cardio Acceleration Training

gym athletes doing cardio acceleration training in their fat loss workout plan

In simple words cardio acceleration training is the sort of workout where we combine a weight training exercise with a cardio exercise with no brakes in between. An example of cardio acceleration training would be the combination of bench press and high knees with no break in between.Let’s say you’re doing 12 reps of bench pressing, then follow it by a cardio move for 30 seconds and repeat the same for 3-4 steps. this type of exercises will help you in getting stronger as well. And this’ll surely kick the extra fat outta your body real quick.

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2) Multi Joint Training

man including multi-joint workout in his fat loss workout plan

As the name suggest multi joint training is the kinda exercise that involve the use of more then 1 joins or say muscles simultaneously as a result of which you end up burning more calories. That’s a must do workout if you are serious about your fat loss workout plan and wanna get the most out of it. click here to know about the benefits of doing this specific type of exercise. And the best thing about this exercise is that you won’t need to have a gym membership for doing it. You can use your body weight to perform this workouts. Some great example of multi-joint exercises are:-Squats,Lunges,Dead-lifts and chest and shoulder presses.

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3) Bonus Tip

Take 2-3 gm of L-Carnitine and 2-3 gm of CLA if you are working out in the morning with a empty stomach 20-30 min before your workout. This will boost up your fat loss speed by 200%. You can have my words for this tip. I personally have tried it and trust me the results are really amazing.

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So By adding these 3 steps together you can get yourself a killer “fat loss workout plan”

Thank’s for reading, was the article helpful? Let me know in the comment section. Also If you feel like that i can help you with anything don’t hesitate to contact me personally.


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    That sounds great..just gotta bust my ass doing any of these exercises and then sum it up with some quality gears…keep up the good work


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